Mousepad installed with spell check, not working?

I have installed mousepad on xfce and installed

said I needed gspell and libxfce4ui which I installed.
However, spell check not working?

You might need to enable it: Edit >> Preferences >> Plugins

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I had the same problem before under Suse and found the solution.
Here endeavouros but the package names are very similar.
Needed is hunspell, enchant-pure and now very important enchant-hspell.
INFO: If enchant is already installed a package swap to enchant-pure is done.
For my german language area I had to install hunspell-de.

With this it should work. For me it does.

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Thanks pebcak that is always the first thing I check.

Hi HPF-84E,you were right in around about way. I check the repos first for the packages you suggested. There was “enchant” and php-enchant, so I installed “enchant” and it worked! Thanks.

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