Mouse laggy when scrolling

Hey there

I recently switched to EOS and I’m facing a problem concering my mouse. Moving the mouse works fine, but as soon as I use the scroll wheel, the cursor becomes quite laggy. The problem does not only occur in a specific browser but also on the desktop without any open application.
It feels like the system is overwhelmed by the input events, but the CPU use does not change while scrolling.

System information (inxi):
xinput list-props 21:

I have already used xinput test-xi2 to monitor the events. RawButtonPress/RawButtonRelease caused by scrolling and RawMotion originate from the same device (id 21)

Thank you so much for your time and help!

Edit: Maybe some additional information:

  • I’m using a wireless mouse
  • the problem does not occur on windows
  • scrolling on the touchpad of my laptop works fine