Mounting old BTRFS Drive

So i I am transitioning from Manjaro…my system has t 2TB NVME drives and I have installed EndeavourOS on the second NVME with BTRFS. I was running BTRFS on the Manjaro installation as well. If this was ext4 it would be an easy task of add the drive to my fstab. Since I have not done much with BTRFS other than base install and timeshift, I can I mount my old BTRFS as a data drive to auto mount without having to authenticate to access?

Appreciate the insight…

You can mount a btrfs partition the same way as any other partition. If you mount the root, you will see the old subvols under that.

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Just mount it like this in /etc/fstab:

UUID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /media/myole-btrfs btrfs compress=zstd:1 0 0

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@ivanhoe and @dalto thank you for the confirmation. What threw me was the subvol info…does that need to be maintained with the old mount info…i.e… subvol=/@xxx,defaults,noatime,compress=zstd 0 0

No, not unless you want to mount only the subvol. Without it, it will mount the default which should be the root of the drive.


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