Mount error on boot

I’ve never understood why Windows’ been such a PITA about that. I don’t even know why these manufacturers take the performance impact by switching from achi to raid where it’s totally useless. At first I thought I was missing some kind of driver on my new laptop, as the only distribution that detected my disks without hassle was Ubuntu. I wanted to install Arch, so I ended up using that trick. I got stuck in safe mode, so i had to keep safe mode on from the Windows GUI, because if I selected the regular mode, it disabled all my services. Then I had to override the specific field that controls whether it actually booted into safe mode. That was frustrating… why can’t windows just have a simple configuration system?

Anyways, great you fixed it!

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Totally agree especially about RAID. If anything, it is slower than AHCI. People are creatures of habit when it comes to file systems and the like, Linux users included. This issue was probably a culmination of Dell’s bios updater sucking and then the AHCI switch happening in the background to get Windows to work. The one thing I do know is that I have been bailed out by having Windows as a dual boot when Linux has issues as much as I have having Linux available when Windows has issues. It is rare that the issue impacts both unless it is a GRUB issue.

Indeed. I received a brand new dell laptop with this issue. raid is totally useless here. never had this issue on trusty ol’ Thinkpads

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