More playing with the Steam Controller under Wayland

Earlier, I’d posted about cursor issues under Wayland using my Steam Controller with Steam Big PIcture. I’ve since found that SC-Controller does a better job with cursor control under Wayland (I’ve used this in the past on my Raspberry and other SBCs but now finding it’s a darned nice controller config tool on PC).

Neither Steam nor SC-Controller can support the On Screen Keyboard under Wayland though. This is a known Wayland issue with On Screen Display in general.

Also, given that Steam Big Picture on PCs is horribly buggy these days, and that SC-Controller works across Steam, Lutris, Heroic, etc. SC-Controller is my go-to solution right now. I

…and, if I really need the On Screen Keyboard, I’ll just have to launch Gnome with XOrg for that session.