More Gnome problems: Thumbnails and rendering some .jpg pictures

…I am sticking with Gnome, but there are so much stupid. I am not talking design, but what appears to be bugs…

Now I discovered about 50% of my wallpapers can’t be viewed by EOG, and only about 10% of all pictures have thumbnails generated. And yes, I have maxed out the size requirement in Nautilus already.

The weird part is that the wallpaper setter in Settings can see and render ALL my wallpapers.

Well, turns out that the solution was easy if needing some stubborness:
The SECOND time I deleted the thumbnail directory under .cache it suddenly worked. Go figure.


Somebody on reddit suggested it might have been thumbnails that failed to generate when I used the hardened kernel that threw a wrench into the thing.

…Maybe. I have no other explanation.