More General Curiosity, Arch Versioning

This is not anything issue-related, just something I’ve been curious about. I hope it’s not off topic or inappropriate for this forum!
So I’ve been running Arch-based distributions exclusively for… going on 3 years now? And across all flavors they all launch with the same line:

Starting version 246.6-1-arch

What is this version referring to? And why has it been stagnant for SO long?

That is the systemd version.

Also, if you were running version 246.6 3 years ago that would be odd since it came out this year.

That being said, systemd doesn’t release new versions that often so once it becomes stable it often won’t change for a while. They are currently on rc2 of v247.


Systemd passed the begin stages also, in thr begin lot development going on while now cooled down.