Monitor sleep issues

Hi All. I’m having an odd issue with my monitor often not waking form sleep. The PC isn’t sleeping or hibernating, just the screen powers off after 15 mins. The behavior I’m seeing is that sometimes nothing will signal the monitor to wake up forcing me to reset the PC. It’s been happening for a while and I thought it had been resolved until I updated yesterday, now it’s back.

I’m not really sure where to go form here. Everything I can find is relating to wake from hibernation or actually low power sleep. System details are below. I’m using the propitiatory Nvidia drivers and display port. I have also tried the LTS and ZEN kernels with no change to the behavior. I’m also not using Wayland. Thanks for the assist.

Kernel: 5.16.8-arch1-1
DE: GNOME 41.3
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

So to be clear, your PC is not sleeping or hibernating. The monitor turns dark after ~15 minutes? What do you have your power/display settings set to? I’m not on Gnome, but I think there is a power section in their settings application. Start there.

That is correct and I’m using the Gnome power setting Screen Blank to configure the monitor sleep time. The only other options are for regular sleep and power button behavior.

Is TLP in use/enabled ?

systemctl status tlp

Or using power-profiles-deamon ?

tlp is enabled, yes

. . .

So TLP could be the culprit… :grinning:

you could simply try disable it.
sudo systemctl disable tlp
and reboot to see if it helps… and of so check configurations or switch to power-profiles-daemon if you are in intel CPU and using GNOME Plasma … i3 … they have implementations to handle it build in…

Just wanted to give this a bit of time to see if it was really fixed but disabling tlp seems to have done the trick. Thanks @joekamprad

So a bit of time has passed and a few upgrades since last posting and the issues has returned. I did a rebuild a few weeks ago and TLP is not installed this time.