Monitor reads 'no input' after waking from sleep

Hi all,

I’m running the i3wm flavour of EOS on a desktop. If I leave it alone for a while, say overnight, and then come back to it, my monitor does not receive any input from the computer, even after I press some keys on the keyboard to wake it up. I assume it goes to sleep after some time.

The keyboard is definitely connected because eg when I toggle caps lock the relevant light goes on and off on the keyboard.

Not sure what to do here - only a hard reboot seems to work until the next time I leave it alone.

The output to the monitor is HDMI from my external NVIDIA card.

Any tips?

Edit: also, if I start up the system with the HDMI cable plugged into the integrated graphics port (not the nvidia card’s port), then later try to switch the cable to the nvidia card, the monitor again says no input. But in this case switching it back to the integrated graphics port works. Maybe this is linked? Does the NVIDIA card require some setting to keep it on?

At boot up, press “Delete” and check the UEFI for an option that selects the primary video source as PCI or internal. If it is there, set appropriately and see if that fixes the problem.

My personal opinion only, I am not a fan of hot plugging HDMI, I prefer to set up your hardware then boot into your computing session with the monitor already where you want it.