How does one attain Moderatorhood? Does @Bryanpwo grant them the privilege? Not asking for me :joy: Never wanna become one! (don’t have the technical capability anyway).

But I see a couple of people I think that deserve it.

hello,You don’t have to be a guru in the eyes of others, sorry, she’s out. :rofl:


I was thinking of @jonathon when I wrote this :grinning:

Edit: Spelling


Thank you for the thought, but I haven’t been here long enough and don’t want to “step on the toes” of the existing team.


By intensively meditating on the Holy Syllables “E-OS”.



No worries. I didn’t mean to cause any issue. Just seeing you helping so much so naturally it just occured to me :slight_smile:


I think you’re seeing the results of having been a mod elsewhere - I’ll leave it to him to say how long! In that sense he’s overqualified - at least!

In the meantime we stumble along here with what we have :grin: with some of us learning as we go…


Well it shows! If that’s the case then I hope to see he has that shiny badge next to his name ondday! One can always hope :slight_smile:

I’ve learned a lot from you as well.

I love this community. It’s kind of an addiction!






Wow - charting software guru too! :rofl:


I am at the bottom at the very begining! though I’ve used Linux for like over 10 years :joy: Used Ubuntu like it was Windows. Never really learned much.

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It was pure coincidence how I got introduced to Linux though. I didn’t know Linux existed and it was year 2006 I was at a vocational training school and this part-time teacher we had showed us openSUSE (Can’t remeber what it was called then openSUSE or SUSE) I think he was a Uni student and I believe he discovered it there. So was kind enough to spread the knowledge.

Though it wasn’t part of the curriculum (Which was all about Windows Administration) I’m forever grateful to him for introducing me to the world of Linux!!!

As on mostly everything, we do not follow a strict system of rules and hierarchy.
And in the end, moderation is not mainly a matter of knowledge on Archlinux, more the way handling user communication and interacting all together.

EndeavourOS keeps an open structure, the teams make decisions together.


Thats’s good to know @joekamprad

I think it’s good that it’s always a team decicion not a dictator making decision on behalf of everyone else!

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Normally We don’t mind a bit of joking around. We have had a fair amount of drama recently so let’s just keep it simple for a bit. Please understand. :hugs:


That comment by @Lemon is nonsense and demeaning sorry @Elloquin

Of course it is nonsense, that is why I posted it.
I think it’s funny and not demeaning at all.


I’m sorry I think everyone looks at things differently. But see past the perceived humour and it’s demeaning.

Anyways It’s just my opinion and my opinion is not your reality :slight_smile:

Lauging at me again ha @Kresimir :smiley: other person that was on my mind was you! Well not anymore … just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, thanks for the compliment, but I would probably be the worst person here to make a moderator. What a fustercluck that would be! :rofl: I really lack people skills, I am terrible at resolving disputes among people, I lack finesse and subtlety, and I’m extremely opinionated. And, hopefully, self-aware enough I understand that these are not qualities that make a good moderator, so I have no such aspirations. I would like to reach TL3, though, just so I have more likes :smiley:

But yes, I agree with you that this community is addictive. Even though I’ve used Linux for many, many years, it is still quite often that I need help from people. So, it is only fair that I also help anyone here to the best of my abilities.