Mobile firewall

inspired from the post “choice of mobile browser” :slight_smile: I was wondering if you are using a firewall on your phone.
and if yes, which one?

AfWall+ (3.40) on rooted lineage OS.


I don’t use a firewall on my (i)phone.


Firewall is one of the things that should be in the phone by default.

If you share the internet connection with a phone, it provides only NAT but AFAIK nothing more. Hope someone will correct me if I’m wrong…

Most firewalls require the phone to be rooted as far as I know… I don’t think many people root their phones nowadays. I’m not even sure twrp has the full support for Android 10 yet.

That’s exactly right. If someone is also using their phone to share the Internet, it is a good idea to install a firewall. In this case, the device also functions as a rooter, on which an SPI firewall usually runs. NAT is a simple address translator and as such has no firewall capability.

Let’s just say it’s true. In this case, however, you have to decide what is worth it better, that is, make a smart compromise