Mlt6 compiling error

Well, speaking for myself, whenever I install anything on my system, I get a list of the dependencies to be installed along with it. I could review them and choose to say Y/N to install or not.

So this issue of packages being installed “without the knowledge” of the user has never happened to me.

This is even more true with the packages installed from AUR where one is supposed to review the PKGBUILD to install a package. And review all its dependencies.

Sure, but an Arch system requires a bit of input from the user to maintain and keep it running.
It’s not an install and forget system :wink:

I don’t usually install packages anymore, just update them. During an update, I don’t see the dependencies of each package separately.

That’s all fine and dandy!

But the concept of “packages being installed on my system without my knowledge” is alien to me. No matter how long ago they got installed, I must have given my Y for it, consciously and willingly .

With that said, I wish you good luck on a successful maintenance of your Arch system in the continuation.

And goodbye :wave:t5: :wave:t5:

I install it, then I customize the system well, and then I just steer it according to my intention…

And then you wonder how come package X got installed on your system “without your knowledge” :wink:

Aaaaand :wave:t5: :wave:t5:

PS. this time for real :sweat_smile:

mlt6 was dropped from the community repo, and was imported into the AUR five days ago. It used to be a dependency of flowblade (and synfig), but now it’s only required by the flowblade-git package (and also by openshot-git).

Here’s the commit from Jan 5th that switched flowblade from mlt6 to mlt7 (which is the regular mlt package):

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For more than three years, my system migrated from Antergos has been working quite stably with this tactic.

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