Mkinitcpio fsck Hook's (default) Presence, was This Intended?

Having fsck run every boot is, in my opinion, overkill. Users should know when an error falls under fsck's jurisdiction. Indicators of possible hardware failure, gross maintenance, and/or poor management of resources should never be swept under the rug by a silent background fsck check.

Maybe I’m exagerating.

fsck is in mkinitcpio. if you remove it from mkinitcpio, your pc does not use fsck at boot. is mostly at boot. in some cases when you do total silent boot is also possibility to remove the fsck, but then you must create a systemd service file to fill up the gap.

the working in fsck is also determinend in /etc/fstab.

most distribution works btw that way with fsck in mkinitcpio, atleast for arch based distributions.

You’re saying it’s a common default and not a cause for concern, correct?

Yes is common thing. Is importand also do having this

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Alright! Won’t go further. :+1:

It’s just an information message letting you know that the volume is “clean”

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