Mkinitcpio Config Hooks

Hey everyone, new to EndeavourOS and have previously always run plymouth for the luks boot password prompt.

I have searched far and wide and all posts i find say the /etc/mkinitcpio.conf file should exist but it does not exist on my fresh install… where are the HOOKS being defined in order to update/replace encrypt with encrypt-plymouth for example?

We don’t use mkinitcpio for new installs. We are using dracut. In most cases, dracut detects the need for plymouth automatically.

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Thanks, that makes sense now. I did install via the bootable ISO and i enabled disk encryption. On boot i have to enter the decryption passphrase but plymouth is not loading so i continue to enter it at the prompt.

I have also added it manually as per the docs here but it does not appear to load it

yay -S plymouth

Did you choose grub or systemd-boot?


Plymouth isn’t loading at all? Even after decryption?

Did you enable the kernel options for silent boot?

I thought i did but have been looking at the output from both journalctl -b and dracut-rebuild but i cannot see the quiet splash parameters i have entered into /etc/kernel/cmdlinei assume i am missing something?

You need to run sudo reinstall-kernels after modifying /etc/kernel/cmdline

That was the command i was missing, thanks! All working now.

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