Missing Markdown Callout Icons

Good morning,

I recently switched to EndeavourOS. I use Joplin for note-taking and utilize the admonition plugin to highlight important aspects of my coursework. However, since installing Endeavour, only certain admonition icons display properly, and the rest of them display either and empty box in the .CSS file, or an i in the Rich text format display. I assume I am missing a dependency but for the life of me cannot figure out which one. Any advice is appreciated. The note, warning, and a couple of other icons display properly, but the info, success, tip, failure, and others do not. Thank you all for your time.

There seems to be an issue about that?

If you mean you open a .css file (like this) with the icons (as font characters), then you are missing a compatible (Nerd?) font, like Iosevka Nerd Font, or FontAwesome.

That was my initial hunch, too. But not sure, what fonts are used by the plugin, couldn’t find any info on that…

I don’t think that matters. If it is a font icon, some/any compatible font should be installed on the running system.
Iosevka is commonly used for Linux needs, while Font Awesome is widely used in web-design.

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Thank you both for your reply! I was missing the noto fonts emojis, and after installing that everything works as it should!

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