Missing files in SSD after mouting using livedisk

Hello everyone!

Today, my system froze during an update, leading to a broke system. As usual, I used an EndeavourOS live USB to try recovering my system.

sudo mount /dev/nvme0n1p7 /mnt
sudo arch-chroot /mnt

After struggling for a while, I realized that all the libraries were broken, and it was extremely difficult to get the system working again. While inside the system, I saw that all my files were still there. I decided to give up on the recovery and instead back up my data to prepare for a new Linux installation. I launched Dolphin in the /tmp folder to check the sizes of the directories and estimate how much data I had. Initially, everything seemed fine; I saw that my /home directory was about 150GB. However, during the same Dolphin session, I suddenly noticed that my /home directory was showing only 400MB. For the most part, there are only directories, but the files are missing. I rebooted the system, but I still can’t see my files.

What happened? Is it possible for data to get corrupted like this? Am I missing something? Can you help me?


Not sure? Yes. Looks like your missing files according to what you are saying but i cannot confirm that. You may be able to arch-chroot and try updating again. I’m not so sure you have done this correctly? Did you also mount the efi partition before arch-chroot?

Thanks for your response, @ricklinux !

The issue isn’t about recovering my system, as I can reinstall it. The problem is that I can’t see my files anymore. When I mount my partition /dev/nvme0n1p7, which contains my root (/), I can see all the folders, but not all the files. For example, my .zsh_history is there, but neither my .bashrc nor .zshrc are visible.

This happened suddenly while I was navigating in Dolphin and checking the size of the folders. Suddenly, the files went missing.

To answer your question, many libraries are broken, so I can’t execute pacman. I haven’t updated my system or mounted the EFI partition.

So what you are saying is that you just mounted the partition to look? Maybe someone with higher knowledge can help with this one. :wink:

Initially, I mounted the drive and attempted to execute pacman. I encountered some errors related to problematic libraries. I tried to add the necessary libraries, and while some were successfully added, new errors emerged, this time concerning sudo. At that point, I decided to give up and simply navigated through my files to check their sizes.

This doesn’t happen suddenly. It requires some user action. The system by itself is doing what it is told to do.

This is a strange description. Explain the exact procedure you followed. (/tmp exists in RAM memory and disappears after shutdown/reboot).

I suggest you keep calm and patient while searching for your personal data. When you find them, do a backup. If you don’t find them, you are free to panic :man_shrugging: .