Missing AUR Packages: grub-tools

This sounds dangerous :skull:

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Looks like grub-tools has been removed from EnOS’ repo.

If you have it still installed, your package manager thinks it must be a “foreign” package, in this case from AUR.

Of course it is not in AUR and thereby the message.

You could un-install it as it is no longer shipped with EnOS.

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We’ve removed grub-tools from the endeavouros repo since we want to offer a vanilla grub experience.
That’s why you got that message. We suggest that you remove the package from your system.
If you don’t want to do so that’s up to you.


If it has no use, then I will remove it. It’s safe right?

Yes, its safe. It’s mostly a hook for grub-mkconfig. You have to run this command manually along with grub-install whenever you update grub or add/remove kernels. That instructions has been conveyed in other posts and on arch news/wiki so look for instructions there.


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