Mirrors in welcome message

Had to reinstall Endeavouros, at the welcome message I refreshed mirrors, it failed, tryed several times http https UK Germany France Belgium etc no joy, so had to install another system.
Is this because of CV? lack of people to set things up?

Sounds like you didn’t have a working network connection.

Hello @atg
When you say you refreshed mirrors a couple of times? Do you mean you ran update mirrors and then did you select the countries and wait and then save the settings?

Here is the welcome screen. Select update mirrors.

Screenshot from 2020-04-22 13-21-28

Here you select the countries. You can also set http\https, hours from last sync and number of mirrors then click okay.

Screenshot from 2020-04-22 13-23-19

Then it brings up the screen with the mirrors you selected and that are available for those countries. You then have to save the file to the mirror list.

Screenshot from 2020-04-22 13-22-38

This is what you should be getting if you have a proper internet connection. I have set it to 6 hours for sync and 18 mirrors. I left the default to https. I have chosen Canada and Uniited States for my mirrors.


hello ,I added http in addition

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I saved mirrors, but when I went to install chromium, in terminal, it say all mirrors failed

did you do sudo pacman -Syu after updating the mirrors?

sudo pacman -Syy
option u will update the system

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strange combination also… UK and change amount of mirrors to 20 would be the best…

Success, started rapidly downloading updates, then the top mirror went down, forcing a 10000 milisec delay on every update, 3/4 through the fastest mirror came back on, phew, thanks for all replies, I live in uk but Germany have way faster mirrors, for me anyways

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