Mini-benchmarker script

Some of you might already know this, and I’m a bit sorry for the self-promotion…but I want to introduce my benchmarking script to EOS.

How to use:

  1. git clone the repository above
  2. go to mini-benchmarker directory
  3. run makepkg -sci
  4. run the script with /path/to/dir
  5. if you run the script without a path, a description of what it does will be printed instead.

This script is not accurate. It just gives you a general performance hint. It consists of synthetic as well as real-world measurements, like compressing or compiling.


Finally getting round to trying this (want to benchmark some ODROID kernels).


It starts to run, but errors out after a while… either there’s a RAM fault, bad blocks in the swap partition, or it’s just OOMing.


Try running it in runlevel 3.
On which benchmark does it error out?
(It’s on the heavier side)

As for the XZ bench, I chose FF because it is sufficiently large to make good use of many-core CPUs. Initially I tried with an older kernel tarball and it didn’t max out on Ryzens.

(btw, I’ll be leaving this place shortly)

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I know you’ve gone, but I’ll reply here for reference anyway.

I think it was the Argon test phase. A couple of earlier tests errored out, but this one made my N2+ throw a load of panic messages, so it could also just be entirely coincidental. :man_shrugging: