Migrating to Endeavour with one LVM SSD


I would like to migrate to EndeavourOS so I’m seeking some advices!
First of all, I’m a Debian user for years, on an old rig. Recently, I’ve acquired a new computer, more powerful, and I’ve been documenting myself on less stable but more up-to-date UNIX environment and Arch was apparently a good choice for this.

My main reason to migrate is I would like more up-to-date drivers for gaming and generally receive packages updates faster. My attention between all Arch distro got drawn to Endeavour. I like purple, I like space! But I like how quickly it can be setup and having access to AUR packages directly.

My main problem before beginning my migration is as follow:

  • I currently have an LVM partitioned disk with Debian Bookworm installed on it. I would like to know if there is a way to maybe resize the partition so I could install Endeavour on it and transfer all my data to the new partition.
    The reason why I want to do this is that I do not have another external drive available to me in order to backup and transfer the data back to the new Endeavour install once it’s done. So I’m trying to find a way to do this differently.

Thank you for your upcoming help! I’m also looking for any general advices you would like to drop.

Dear friend. first of all: Welcome!

Have you read info from here: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/
Another great place for arch related question is on arch wiki page.
You can find it here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/

Many other users of other distro, also can benefit from that wiki page.
(debian, ubuntu ect.)

There might be some of your questions answered already.
I am self a new linux user, and have much to learn, have been on windows away to long.

Greetings from Dr. Pain aka Per, Denmark

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Welcome to the forum.

I think the simplest solution to your problem is to get an external HDD. They are fairly cheap nowadays. A terabyte Western Digital Blue drive is about 30 petrodollars. Plus an adapter or an enclosure, I think you can get away with spending about 50–60 bucks. If you get a USB SATA enclosure, you can exchange the drive in it and use it for many, many drives. I have a full shelf of HDDs, mostly filled with junk, and just a single Icy Box.

You should probably get this even if you don’t plan on reinstalling the OS, it’s important to have a good backup and this is the first step towards it.

Resizing partitions without having a backup is extremely risky and the chances of losing data high. I wouldn’t dare doing it.

Thank you both for your advices.
I ended up removing an old HDD from an unused laptop in order to backup all my data, this is now taken care of.

In Calamares, at the point where it asks me to manage partitions, I do not have an automated option. This is probably due to the fact the SSD I want to use is a LVM disk.
It only gives me a Manual Partitioning option.
How should I go about it? I don’t particularly want to keep LVM, but I don’t know how to get rid of it and if it’s what causing Calamares to offer me only a manual partitioning option.

Edit: In GParted, right click on the LVM partition and Deactivate helped with unlocking it in order to format.

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