Migrating from NVIDIA to AMD

I finally gave in and decided to switch my RTX 2070 for a 5700 XT due to issues with the NVIDIA drivers and the games I play. I have some concerns about bricking my XFCE set up. I have been using the nvidia-settings application to configure my displays and saving the xorg configuration file. This means there are some NVIDIA related values in my xorg.conf. Should I edit/overwrite this file or the graphical will still work? If I do need to, how do I proceed? What is your favourite software to edit display configuration on AMD?

I also want to use mesa-git for the latest most updated drivers. If you have or use these drivers, I would like to hear from your personal experience comapred to the standard mesa.

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Make a backup.

Switch the cards and boot up, keeping your fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


a terminal ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:
I would put all xorg configs out of the way and also check that nvidiasettings are moved and notautostart on login…
there are GUI apps for monitoring and overclocking:
But the AMDGPU (Open-Source) Driver do not have a Settings-GUI afaik.



Thank you, I’ll remove the xorg config and remove all those nvidia packages before booting off and doing the swap. I’ll try out some tools and figure out which one I like best.

I got the card today, deleted the xorg configs, removed all nvidia related packages and installed mesa-git. I had an issue loading the graphical because I had some mhwd leftover in my /etc/x11/xorg.d/ . I then configured the displays using the xfce display settings. I went away for some time and came back to my game being on a different monitor and my primary one reverting from 144hz to 60hz instead of going into sleep mode. So smooth sailing for the most part, I just need to figure out that one issue.