MIDI Device problem (Arturia MicroFreak)

Dear community,
I have an Arturia synth called MicroFreak that comes with a propriotary setup software for windows. This runs fine in Wine, but there is some problems. This software is typically used to backup/restore patches/presets etc…

So, this will not connect properly to the MicroFreak, it just hangs and then crash.

The thing is though, it works when I boot into a live-usb of LinuxMint.
Linux Mint (which I ran for many years before switching to EOS) has a lot of stuff pre-installed, so I’m guessing I’m missing something…

But what??

I have read this, but cannot really understand what I’m missing

…and I have installed lib32-pipewire (which made for example MIDI-OX work properly on Wine)

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile: