Method to restart mouse process

I’ve just started using Linux (EOS) for home desktop in past few weeks, although have been using Linux servers for years, so not completely new.

What I’ve found is when my computer wakes up from sleep, the mouse fails to work. This is happening in Plasma 6, and I noticed it when I tried Wayland on Plasma 5. It doesn’t happen in X11.

I’ve noticed the cursor shows up on the screen, it’s just unable to move.

Is there a way to restart the mouse process or get it working again?

I’ve tried plasmashell replace, also logging out and in again, but both fail to start it and only a reboot is able to solve this.

Using logitech usb wireless kb + mouse, AMD cpu, standard linux kernel and nvidia 30-series gpu.

Anything that I can either run in the shell, or assign a shortcut key to would be great and save a reboot.

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Don’t own one, but:

Might help??