Meta go BOOM

$13.5 billion is probably pocket change to them, but I still like it.

Seems all the tech giants are breaking European laws at the moment


I guess they have money to burn. Though 10% of global revenue is quite a chunk.

They break every rule that exist’s in one way or another. They don’t care about anything they do that is harmful. They only care about power, dominance and $$


In my country the very sad reality is, everyone uses Messenger for communication (not whatsapp, not signal, not anything). So I’ve been keeping my Meta profile alive to keep in touch with normie friends that find it way too hard to download Signal.

For me personally, this was the last straw with Meta…
I got kicked out (session force-expiration) from messenger around June 20 or so (I believe the terms were to be assumed by June 26?), told it was for “Security Reasons”, and faced with that “pay or consent” screen. So naturally, I did not accept the terms, headed to the account deletion page, and did it.


Yes. I love it.

I know how it feels. I am in a similar situation. I have to use Whatsapp and Discord to keep in touch with just about everybody in my life. I do like Discord a tiny bit more than Whatsapp, but not by much. I sadly wasn’t able to convince them to switch to something like Signal and Revolt. It is what it is.

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Yer I’m pretty sure most people like to put their heads in the sand at this point hey

Oh I wasn’t able to convince them (most) either.
But the price has become too much for me to pay, and I simply can’t be bothered by that fact any more.

If they want to they can find me on Signal.
If they don’t they can simply call me.
If neither, I’m sorry but I don’t care at this point :stuck_out_tongue:


Hadn’t heard of Revolt before now. Signed up to it, looks interesting…