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November 27, 2020: Telegram rattles through, testers see Signal as a safe alternative

The Messenger Telegram had only recently caused criticism because it is considered a reservoir for conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists. The conclusion of the specialist portal “Heise Security” is extremely sobering when it comes to privacy: Telegram is a disaster when it comes to the privacy of users, judge the testers. The app delivers everything you type to the Telegram server in real time - and not only when you send the message.

The server even has access to a complete copy of all chats, summarize the experts. Conversations should actually be stored exclusively on the user’s mobile device. The problem: What the provider does with the data, other than sending it to the owner’s mobile device, remains in the dark. That even makes WhatsApp better.

It is true that there are “secret chats” as a Telegram function that are secured by being read by third parties. The feature is so well hidden that even Telegram users are often not familiar with it, and it can only be used to a limited extent: It does not work for groups and only ever on one device.

(I translated this part of the german article using Google translate; too lazy to do it on my own :wink:)

I found this article just a few minutes ago, so I decided to instantly uninstall the app from my mobile phone. Wasn’t that big of a loss because I always preferred Signal.

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I thought it would be of interest to you because the EOS teams uses Telegram as one platform to communicate with the community.


I thought it was very well known fact that Telegram is not secure at all, unless you use secret chats and doesn’t use phone / simcard connected to your identity anyhow…

And obviously using groups is not safe either :upside_down_face:

That btw made me laugh so hard :rofl: almost as hard as

That even makes WhatsApp better.

I suggest we cancel Telegram, coz someone seen Reptiloids and Hitler :joy:
Certainly “super-private” WhatsApp won’t allow THAT! :rofl:

Bottom line: only safe one normie-friendly messenger is Signal


I knew for sure that there are much safer messengers (at least one) out there. But I didn’t think Telegram is as bad as or even worse than WhatsApp. That’s not an easy task to accomplish. :joy:

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I certainly would never trust WhatsApp (aka facebook) any more than Telegram, that’s just…
a lot of trust for both let’s say :laughing:

Biggest problem any messenger have for most of people - is it’s userbase, not many people sadly use Signal, although it’s very easy. :upside_down_face:

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I really can imagine that Telegram is sponsored by Vladimir. Makes things much easier for him. WhatsApp does sh** for power on the market and financial benefits and Telegram for political influence. Makes, at least to me, kind of sense. :wink::wink:

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Actually, it’s funded by another Russian oligarch who has very understandable reasons for wanting a secure messaging application. :wink:


I think he implies that he was sold out with time…and who knows :upside_down_face:
At least there are a lot of talks around it lately in the internet, but obviously no solid proofs.

On a positive side, Russian government along with Iran and some others i think, tried to actively suppress Telegram for years in this countries and all of them failed miserably :laughing:


Didn’t know that. This makes for sure a huge difference. Vladimir for sure doesn’t know anything about it. He would never interfere in other people’s affairs. :joy::joy:

Having no solid proof or no proof at all seems to be a very common problem nowadays. :wink::wink:



never have . never will use Telegram for message.

Aren’t you tired of looking for Vladimir’s hand in every rustle?


i do not see big evidence to not use telegram for public chatting around EndeavourOS, a sit is public anyways… sure it is not the very best solution, but it is easy to use and reach for almost everyone nowadays.

There are also alternative chats available from users like on IRC and Matrix but the problem is that it seems not that easy to use for everyone, I do not know a better alternative currently.

Signal can do groups, i believe :upside_down_face:
Not sure how it compares to Telegram though, since i don’t use groups…

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Signal groups are not public, you need to invite users by mobile number afaik.


I use simply because it doesn’t need a phone number . That’s a big . Which Telegram o r Whatsapp or Signal lacks . And if I am paranoid I send messages manually encrypted using gpg or gpg-crypter via qTox .

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Funny, I just installed Telegram today, and then deleted it. Didn’t know that much about it, but when it asked me for a phone number off the bat, I was like …Oh NO! NSA/Industrial Complex linking chats to phone numbers, pass.


I guess that these left-wing extremists are not the good ones :thinking:





i dont use any of these applications and two of them i never heard of

Is there a reason against using Discord? I have no idea how it fairs in terms of security, but it can be a great tool for chatting amongst people with a shared interest?

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t want to suggest stop using Telegram for forum purposes. I just started the thread to provide some information which some people might not be aware of. So they have the choice to switch messenger for private use.

That’s right. As far as I know Telegram is the only messenger providing this function.