Maybe some kind of FAQ site or article in the wiki?

In the last days I read more threads with kind suggestions or questions that a user often could simply answer himself by reading the info from the website. I think some people don’t want to read that much text or a challenged by the english language or just didn’t find the right info.

So, maybe some sort of FAQ-article in the wiki or on the website with the most important infos in short could help those user understand what this distro is all about? And because it is kept short and compact it would be easily translatable to other languages.

Of course it’s always nice to see that people are interested in the background story of a distribution but that’s probably wishful thinking. Some FAQ-point could be, which installer is used or the goal of EndeavourOS. Really just one or two sentence and maybe a link to more infos on the website or forum.

  • Which installer is used?
  • What package-manager is preinstalled?
  • Which DE is shipped with the live installer?

Just some suggestions. Maybe this idea is nonense cause of something that didn’t come to my mind? Only wanted to put this up for discussion. :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re working on a menu that will link to that info.


Personal i think a FAQ/Tutorial section encourage te community add some stuf that can promote to the wiki finaly.

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I learned from the appearance on Big Daddy Linux, that most people don’t click on those, that’s why we’re working on a menu that is more visible and can be opened at any time on the system.