May have accidentally removed myself from all other groups :D

Well actually I did, I was repairing a windows laptop by mounting the disk in a VM and had to add myself to disks and when i went to remove myself from it again i forgot the “-a” so i wouldnt be removed from every other group lol

So, seeing as Ive never derped this hard (thats also a lie) what are the default groups for users in EOS? I dont remember what they are as i dont check frequently.

Thanks for helping an idiot lol :upside_down_face: :clown_face:

Besides a self-named private group as the primary group (i.e., Echoa), these are the default groups in an EOS installation:

sys rfkill users wheel

Although there’s no reason to be in the users group at all (since you’re in a self-named private group)…and sys and rfkill are of questionable value IMO.


thanks friend

Yeah they maybe be a bit questionable but I like to keep my system fairly OOTB minus some themeing so wanted them back to defaults

Im so dumb for doing that lol


If you know you’re going to be operations on a file, always a good idea to make that darn copy first. Text files take up remarkably little space.


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