Mate Website down?

Is this website down/unavailable for everyone else?

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Down here.

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Thanks :+1:t3:

I’m able to open it (Canada). It looks like the site assets were cached, making me think I was accessing when I actually wasn’t. A hard refresh gives an error.


Failure here, western US Firefox.
Here is the FIrefox error description
I’m wondering if this is a Firefox issue?


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Wouldn’t open with Chromium either.

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Down from Sweden in Vivaldi-snapshot.

Edit: Firefox, and TorBrowser didn’t work either.

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Still down at 4:30 am GMT.

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remembered with lxqt website came down and now it has a other solution :slight_smile:

dont know why mayby bad funded ?

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has expired and is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.

That’s more than a bit sad, even if Mate never was my thing… :pensive:


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i do not think they stop Mate, it is only an issue with the domain plan e.t.c. the may simple forget to pay or just changing to another provider e.t.c.


Like lxqt it end with another domain

Solved - automatic payment had failed, domain expired, has now been fixed.



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