Mate: No printing support?

Decided to try Mate.
One big issue so far: I installed printer support but the printer tool that is in Xfce and Gnome isn’t there? What do I need to install?

Nevermind, still interested in an answer but went back to install Xfce (offline) since well… my experience with Mate was not that good; minor things like the panel clock crashing 5 times in two hours.

…And now Arch’s mirrors is down for maintenance so posting this from Windows :wink:

Panel clock crashing, weird I just installed Vanilla Arch/Mate on my 2nd pc with no issues yet. Did it just disappear?

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I got the option to automaticall restart it (dialogue popup). Annoying tho, and kind of undermined my confidence in the DE.

Back on Xfce for now. Took some time because I missed the Arch maintainence by 3 minutes and had to wait until 22:00 to do my first -Syu :wink:


@Resiliencia has given you an answer. The tool/package you are missing is system-config-printer.

It’s no different there.

My point was that (for other reasons) I went back to Xfce, offline install.
(Oddly enough, doing the offline install this time a lot of packages were missing, including that one). Oh well got it working now.

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offline install have no printer support like you can choose for online install.

That was different in the past - wasn’t it? But it is also possible that I have installed cups etc. routinely.

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I might have used an old image then, the first time? becuase as @axt says I am 100% sure I had NOT installed any printer support yet it automatically found my printer (and the GUI CUPS package was installed) the first time I installed Endeavour after coming back from Fedora, a few days ago.

is the list of packages for offline (including dependencies needed for the ISO and calamares) ithere is no cups packages included and afaik never was

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Never on mine - although I went online install to have choices even though XFCE :grin: It’s all about choice over here…

This is… weird. I am absolutely certain i had NOT installed anything other than the offline installer the first time. Oh well. Too much glühwein perhaps? :wink:

Did you try this in a terminal for your printing support:

sudo systemctl enable cups.service
sudo systemctl start cups.service
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Oh my problem was not that it didn’t work as much as I SWEAR I had the graphical interface the first time.

I DID check, because I did another reinstall (don’t ask) and in the Net install the graphical cup interface is included in the Xfce group! So maybe I did the net install?

Oh well, never mind.

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it will be that the pure offline installer have this included from first ISOS …

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