March release cancelled

You might have noticed that we didn’t make our second deadline for the supposed February release. We already delayed it to last weekend, but due to the developments in the world, we were a bit distracted, so our sincere apologies for that.

There is going to be a refreshed release very soon.


thanks info

Holly :cow:

Well, why not. Too bad March ISO is cancelled :frowning:

Wait a second, is it an April-release now? What’s “very soon” mean in context?

Maybe no more ETA’s until it’s ready, perhaps add another month to EOS’s release schedule?

I know this all feeling all to well myself.

Don’t stress, don’t rush release. Take your time.

Real life comes first!


“very soon” means as when it’s ready …and what if it does take another month? It will be released when it’s ready. This distro is already miles ahead if you look at from where it started. With an idea! Just be patient. Everyone is doing their best under the circumstances. We all have lives and other things to be concerned with right now and that takes presedence.


Nobody is rushing anyone, if it takes a month then something to the effect should be said. “Very soon” means exactly what it entails, sooner than expected; another month doesn’t come to mind when one’s told something’s around the corner. But if you want to get technical then sure, in the grand scheme of things a year can also be very soon. Make no mistake, all I ask is not to make promises, give ETA’s or establish relese cycles for the foreseeable future. Simple.

It pays not too read too much into people’s words, may lead to overreactions. Next time ask, everyone is aware of “the circumstances”.

I’m going to be more clear on what made us decide to cancel the release.

It is merely a combination of the situation in Europe (like Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands are socially locked down from last weekend) and a mis-communication between Joe, Fernando, Manuel and myself that there was no ISO released this weekend.

Since the situation in Europe has taken a dramatic turn and we need to cope with this sudden change, because everyone is affected now by the measurements taken, we’ve decided to put development on hold the upcoming two weeks.

The plan is to pick up everything in April again and we’ll see how it will go.


That’s what I thought delayed the release (the situation in Europe). I work in a grocery store chain here in Canada; regretfully I have seen the worst behaviors in society live (boy do I have some stories!). The officials haven’t done anything like that here, however I suspect it’s only a matter of time.

My motto during these times: Keep Calm and Carry On. The sun still rises and sets each and every day - even if you can’t see it through the clouds!


Soldier on friends and be safe, well, and healthy. This is paramount in everyone’s lives. The rest is just well “stuff”. How anyone could find fault in the dev’s missing a deadline during a global pandemic just boggles my mind. It takes a special level of selfishness to think any other way as well as a basic lack of human compassion. The earth revolves around the sun…not you :hugs: Take your time Dev’s and get things right as long as that may require. Otherwise there will just be another thread about what wasn’t done to some peoples level of satisfaction that in the overall scheme of things should just be ignored in the first place. Thank you for all you are doing to make this distro what it is today and going forward!


And who are you? To dictate what you want? It doesn’t matter what you want. What matters is the here and now! Right now this is insignificant in light of the reality of what is going on!


Who else but me could “dictate” what I want, if not me? What’s more ludicrous is 5+ people agree with a statement out of place and context.

What I am asking for however, is consideration.

  • NO ETA’S


Bold should get the message across. Bunch of clowns reaching conclusions at the speed of light, unbelievable. :exploding_head: :joy:

Keep your hands away from keyboards, @ricklinux, completely out of line here.

How can you read this:

And this:

Then pour your hearts out acting like I’m being somehow inconsiderate, or “demanding” anything?
Why is @ricklinux attacks befitting, but my agreement with your approach isn’t? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@ricklinux needs to learn how to read, process, and then respond.

First of all I am not attacking you. @Bryanpwo already gave you answers on more than one occasion. You just don’t accept it. Delays happen. Things have happened and i don’t feel any explanation is required beyond what has already been given. This is all i have to say about it and if you can’t accept that then that’s your problem not mine. I have no issue.

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We’ve already been over this on other threads and every time the same behaviour comes up with you.

Somehow you can’t let go or step aside from a discussion when things aren’t going your way. I understand that you are eager to try the LUKS encryption installation on Calamares and now you’re disappointed the ISO didn’t arrive. I also understand that you would be disappointed in us (the devs) for making this decision, but that doesn’t mean you can lash out on everybody that crosses your path.

Don’t get me wrong, your point your making towards me, as in my words and actions used towards the general release cycle and this particular release, I completely understand.
What I’m not taking (anymore) is your attitude towards fellow community members who, like you, are contributing to this community for the love and fun of it.

I have given you the benefit of the doubt a few times before but now I must stand my ground. Perhaps this community isn’t the one for you. I can’t let you go on and run over other community members, just because they don’t share your vision, even though I value your input you’ve given in the past.


Answers to what questions @ricklinux? What am I, a mind reader? How am I supposed to get answers to unanswered questions, without first asking them? Come on now, don’t be ridiculous. :roll_eyes:

I asked a question and had my thread hijacked by people following your footsteps, and now we’re here. Resot to sensible communication before coming to terms with your overt predispositions.

A flamboyant disparity between what was said and how you “feel”. I’ll leave you with this: I, a member of this forum; same as you, have to be civil and carefully read responses before reacting, so should you.

Leave me alone now.

This thread is not about March or February’s EOS release.

Made a thread making a suggestion with circumstances in mind, how am I the bad guy here?

Please consider reading my reply from earlier, all I did was “think of the devs”. Seriously, what is going on here?

Have disrespected no one. Tried to explain context to @ricklinux several times, unsuccessfully.

Then read your own answers also, this isn’t the first time we’ve run into this. Why do you feel the need to belittle everyone who disagrees with you, how is that not disrespectful?

You’re thread started as a suggestion but it derailed.


hello, the developers have a life alongside “family, work … etc” so stop with the behavior of a spoiled child and besides we can easily make an iso image from the github


Just a quick question, with the new installer release, would it automate the task of creating the /home and / partitions all under one partition using pvcreate or something (sorry if I am not being very clear)?