Manjaro goes Professional

Maybe Microsoft will want to buy them up once they get all of their stuff together…

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I saw this earlier. They have done some good things for Linux.

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Arch Team ripping them a new one after this announcement.

What’s there to buy?

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@Computer, there’s a long series about Microsoft and Linux/Opensource going on at with a 3 part series about Microsoft, GitHub, the Linux Foundation and more. The way Manjaro has captured the Linux crowd (especially those wishing to dip their toes in Arch), I’d think this would be one distro that MS would (and maybe even could) buy/absorb. It’s total speculation on my part, but this kind of distro would fit in nicely. I have a hard time believing that Canonical would totally sell out to MS; I suppose it could happen. And, Manjaro’s been up at the top of Distrowatch for a very long time consistently.

So? I dunno. I just saw the article and thought I’d toss the idea around. :innocent:

@Adam maybe it’s a good idea to start ‘News’ thread where we can share our disoveries?

Why not?

Besides this, let’s see what’s going on with that news about Manjaro. Let’s hope they won’t cut AUR access… Universal packages like snap or flatpak are useless on rolling release distributions.

Well, this is great news for them and they really deserve this. I wish them all the best on their new path their taking. (I actually wanted to write: I wish them all the best on their new endeavour, but I was afraid you’d think I was being cynical and I’m not. I really wish them the all the best.)


Good one :slight_smile:

Let’s hope they won’t take the wrong road and they’ll do their best. Like Guinux fixing building crasher bug… I do hate vala major updates…

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I hihgly doubt MS is interested in buying some distro. They would just make their own. The main reason MS is interested in Linux is the cloud

I would like to take this opportunity to say it would be really nice if EndeavourOS had other donation methods apart from leetchi. OpenCollective would be the obvious one if one wants transparency given Qubes has used it for some time (and I donate to Qubes) and Manjaro now uses it.

The other one would be LiberaPay if showing what the exactly the money went to is less of a concern.

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Indeed. And a Microsoft based linux distribution? Take:

  1. Linux kernel
  2. Wine modified by MS team with the right APIs
  3. MS-Windows 10 interface

Shake it, and you’ve got MacOS-X in Microsoft world. Let’s call it “Windows 11” :slight_smile:


Be patient we’re working on it.

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IMHO, Manjaro took a step in the right direction, as going corporate.
Let’s see:
As RS said, free as in liberty, we are not talking about price; donations are greatly appreciated.
A better management goes a long way;
A more serious, professional image to the Linux distros- Redhat did that and they reap the benefits even now!
Better cash flow in their accounts, developers can be contracted full time and work without worrying about tomorrow;
I say this not because I’m a developer, far from it. But I’m volunteering for an ONG and God knows how hard is to raise some money and being taken seriously by some bigger firms or organisations.
And to a daily basis, volunteers come and gone, because in the end the money problems gain friction - it’s called reality.
Some examples in the Linux world : Redhat, Parted Magic and Elementary OS.
On a personal note: I pay Parted Magic for the spring and autumn releases, I care about this tool and I want that the developer can make a living out of it.
And yes, maybe Endeavour could have another way to make a donation.
So, this wraps up my opinion.


Well it has been rumoured for many years that this is Manjaros goal.
Its a big gamble if it pays off it will make Manjaro a market Leader, If it fails Linux users will not flicker a eye lid.
But in reality Manjaro is based on Arch Linux, It is a easy to install distro for those that are new users, for the lazy, and for users that accept installs with a kitchen sink, then break the system trying to remove the bloat, or trying to turn Linux into Windows.

Manjaro is also turning its attention into where the real money is operating systems I feel this could be a good move, Manjaro is European unlike system 76 is very well known world wide, also does not use Ubuntu yet lol. I think this is the direction Manjaro will take but a big risk for the leaders as they are in high earning professions can they afford to take pay cuts or will they do as others drain the kitty and do a runner, only time will tell.

I have been associated with Manjaro since before its 1st alpha release, Its been gifted by the gods and grown from nothing lets hope it keeps that way i wish them all the luck in the world.
Even though Manjaro is not for me, I like to be in total control build my own systems tailored for my own use.

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On someway a distro should not back down and sit stil , at the end people will go further. As they a bit in de hardware venture to go to the next level you need probably some finance to do…

only future can tell :slight_smile:

i think to keep it private the owner only get issue with the taxing also, so its possible better to go on foundation in a way.

I tend to be of the opinion that the corporate model for Linux only really works with non-desktop scenarios, such as servers, supercomputers, and embedded systems. Perhaps Manjaro wants to aim in that direction. I’m not sure how well rolling release distributions like Arch-based platforms would work in those areas. All just speculation on my part, but I found the following discussion on their forum on this topic:

I think their looking into the possibility to work with European hardware partners, that’s what I’ve heard Phil muller saying in an interview.

nobody can tell… Mayby a aim to as a desktop os, with a more static model but mayby as chakra semi-rolling…last years they do hardware not them but they get 10% but is also is about taxing… if you get huge amount of money because you get bigger. as taxes is also another story , because the natural person get a amount of money in donations. but to keep it in own management is ok to have a foundation to control in on management probably you can do it other way but that cost also money i gues. on this point nobody knows. as long they stay Manjaro linux then is ok, if i aint wrong like ubuntu , linux is gone also not to much mentioned to be a desktop operating system as long also in users in linux word growth all is fine :slight_smile:

“Interested in the cloud,” said every enterprise company talking about Linux.

probably because its true.
Ms’ own Azure is run by Linux

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