Managing user accounts

I created a new account for my wife on the system using useradd, and gave her a password using passwd. When I try to log in with her id, the monitor goes blank for a while and then returns to the login screen. I’ve checked that the password is typed correctly. What could be the problem?

Is there a gui method to create a new user? I didn’t see an option for this under the xfce settings manager.

Thanks in advance.

Did you create a home directory too?

Did you select a valid session from the DM?


xfce4 does not have a GUI user manager :wink:
what exactly was the command options for useradd you where using?

sudo useradd -m -G wheel -s /bin/bash *username*

-m / --create-home

creates the user home directory as /home/username . Within their home directory, a non-root user can write files, delete them, install programs, and so on.

-G / --groups

introduces a list of supplementary groups which the user is also a member of. Each group is separated from the next by a comma, with no intervening spaces. The default is for the user to belong only to the initial group.

-s / --shell


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Thanks very much.

Yes, I created a home directory under /home.
Yes, I selected a valid session (xfce) from the DM.

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Thanks very much.

I used useradd with the-m option to create a home directory. I didn’t specify anything else: the default shell is fine.

Thanks very much indeed.

xfce with xubuntu includes a user account option in the settings manager. I thought it was a generic xfce option. Apologies.

Can you login into the new account on the TTY, i.e. without the graphical environment?
Or from your own accounts terminal (su username)?

If you used useradd the correct ownership and permissions should have already been set. But it won’t hurt, I guess.

chown -R username:username /home/username
chmod 700 /home/username

Substitute username with the name of the actual user that can’t log-in.

system-config-users ?


If you don’t mind 18 extra packages in your system you can perfectly live without and a bit of compiling, you can install gnome-system-tools with yay:

yay gnome-system-tools

and then execute it (Users and Groups) normally via your application launcher.


Thank you.

Yes, login on the TTY is possible.

In any case, I removed the account and recreated it with explicit command line options to create a directory and so on, and now login is no problem.


Thank you.

I just deleted the account and recreated it specifying everything on the command line. Problem solved.


It’s one of the options available under xubuntu’s Settings Manager.

Thank you very much.