"manage printing" process is always running as root

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So recently installed EndeavourOS, coming from Ubuntu and I’m still a bit of a Linux noob. I’ve been loving it so far, after figuring out the AUR and how to get my fingerprint sensor working. This is my first post to the forum and I plan on making many more.

So my question is thus: when I open up the “gnome-usage” app, I always see this one process running in as root, and when I click “force-close” it doesn’t work. Is this expected behavior? I’m just worried that having a process always running as root is detrimental to my security or something like that. Basically it just seems bad lol. If I’m just being paranoid please let me know!

Thanks in advance.

I guess it is a normal thing. So, unless you want to disable printing alltogether, you have to stick with it, I guess…

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the print server is a systemd service or socket running in system level not as user…

systemctl status cups

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You are just being paranoid.

Welcome to our asylum!


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Maybe, he thinks we’re all shroomers?


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I assume he means it in a friendly, funny way ?
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Of course, me too! I meant it the same way. Even when, or just because there was multiple mention of paranoia in this thread! :worm:
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good that…
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we had fun … but topic is solved…