Malware found in Python Packages (again)

This is why it is recommended to install Python packages only from the repos.

At this point, you probably shouldn’t be using pip at all…


Good thing I don’t have any of those installed. Also, solid channel, that dude is always informative and on point. Quite a funny dude at times too!

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Yeah, I agree. I quite like Mental Outlaw, he seems to have a similar worldview to mine on many important issues. :frog:

But that’s beside the point, even if I totally disagreed with him on everything else, this would a good, informative video.


I wouldn’t mind sharing a cup of tea or a pint with him. He seems like any easy person to get along with, especially in the tech bubble side of things, but I bet he’s got plenty of crazy stories to share too :smile:

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Any way to know if youre affected?

Afaik none of my packages or flatpaks use these python libraries and i dont have pip installed…but im also the paranoid sort :sweat_smile:

Well, if everyone and their mother has your server’s SSH key and its AWS credentials, you’re probably affected… :rofl:

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dont have a server or AWS instance :joy:

EDIT: i checked all my flatpaks but none have these as dependencies, still paranoid but i think i just need to chill a bit

Just because you’re paranoid, does not mean they’re not out to get you.