Making pointless videos with EndeavourOS for fun

Christmas Day 2019
A week or 2 before this, I picked up a Beeman P17 .177 Pellet Pistol
from PyramidAir for 30 bucks.

It was actually a nice day out, no snow, but approaching evening so light
conditions were getting low.
Also earlier in the summer I picked up a Samsung Galaxy A50,
unlocked international version with 4 GB ram & capable of holding
a 512GB SD card for almost half the price of what they are in a phone store.

I needed to test out the slow motion of the camera, also had very old eggs in the fridge.

This was done using KDEnlive, Photoshop CS6 running through WINE, and audacity for some audio. Photoshop is a little wonky at times with WINE, but still runs ok.
Kdenlive does a lot things, but always looking for other video software to test too.

So, if you like JoeCartoon soundFX & exploding eggs, you may enjoy this useless creation :stuck_out_tongue:

There is even a super-slowmo function on this camera that’s need testing so might play more in the spring. The regular slo-mo function I believe is 120 frames per sec,
the super-slowmo function I believe is 970 frames per second, so I’m curious.

You’ll have to excuse the mess around my pellet trap the wind blew my weed mats
around and have various other previously exploded vegetables lying about :stuck_out_tongue:


This is awesome… :rofl:

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It wasn’t pointless, it gave us the gift of a good laugh after a s****y day.Thanks.

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