Making a low battery Alert

Hello, i am new in bspwm and i using in a notebook.
I love this desktop enviorment,
but i have de battery icon in polybar, now how can i make an alert that notify me that battery is low or is full?.

Hi. Does the notify-send command work on bspwm?

yes, works


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Then you might want to have a look at It’s a systemd timer that checks the battery charge every minute and notifies the user when the battery is too low or too high. By default, it notifies when the battery is below 40% or over 80%.

There is a script for that bundled with BSPWM the one @joekamprad linked.

I have a problem with this script

Thk a lot, this works, i only had to install bc with paru.
Thks is resolved :smiley:

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I didn’t realize there was a script in the repo for such monitoring.

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