Make this mouse work?

Hi, I just bought this mouse and it doesn’t seem to work, just lights few times and then nothing :frowning:

It’s a mouse, it should work when you plug it in. Maybe not all buttons will be supported on Linux and fancy illumination may not work out of the box, but the basic functionality of the mouse should be there.

Maybe you got a defective one?

I’ve also bought hardware that didn’t work, several times. If you’re lucky, you can get a replacement or your money back.


From the web site listed in the OP

System requirements

PC / Laptop with USB port
Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista

I am not saying you can’t make it work in Linux, but it might not be an easy task.


A mouse should work regardless of the operating system. A mouse is a mouse.

Like I said, some buttons might not work, illumination might not work, but the most basic functionality should be there.

It might be a good idea to test this on a windoze computer, but I still think it is a defective mouse.

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thats REALLY strange that this mouse isnt just working. USB mice should communicate in roughly the same way to the system unless this manufacturer for some reason decided it shouldnt advertise itself has an HID device which is the standard afaik.

Have you tried a different usb port? I had an issue with a gaming mouse that sounds similar where this fixed the issue

I’ve tried a Trust mouse once. Total chink cheapo crapola! Life’s too short for bad rodents, you should only trust in Logitech!


Actually, I’m on my second Trust Fyda mouse. It’s a very decent rechargeable wireless mouse, especially for its price (I paid about 20 euros for it).

Sure, it’s a cheap mouse, but the buttons work and when I move it on the table, the cursor moves on the screen. That’s about all I need it to do. It’s also quite robust, I dropped it several times and it survived with only minor surface scratches.

I could see it having low quality control, though, it’s very cheaply made. But since I buy it the old fashioned way, by walking into a store and paying with cash, I do not worry too much about getting a defective one. I wouldn’t order it online, though.

It has a 3 year warranty (and that’s about how long it lasts until it’s time for Tim Cook’s giraffe to step into it).

the mouse i bought a while back is logitech and it works great, it seems to work even better than the microsoft mouse i had

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Oh grrr!
Microsoft’s hardware is even crappier than their software. :o:

Hilarious. You should post that on the joke thread.

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