Make i3 behave a bit more like KDE Bismuth (Right Column Automatic Vertical Split)

I’m sorry, if this sounds weird, but I’m very used to Plasma with Bismuth and I wanted to give i3 a try. So far I’m liking how lightweight it is, but I’m annoyed by the way the windows tile. Automatically, by default, it just tiles the windows vertically next to each other, but with my small 13" screen, I’d prefer to have a sort of … “master window” and slaves. I.e. I want two columns, one that stays as is and one that is automatically split vertically. Like so:

|          |         |
|          |         |
|          |_________|
|          |         |
|          |         |

I’m aware that I can do this manually pressing mod+v, but that requires an additional key-press that I don’t need with Bismuth.

Is there a way to make i3 behave like this?

take a look here. hope this help

" "

" "

or give bspwm a try

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The issue with this is that it still requires me to manually focus the window I want to split vertically and that kind of defeats the whole purpose for me.

Thanks for your suggestion, though.

I don’t use i3, but this sounds like what you’re looking for?
It’s in the AUR -



Took a moment to get it running, but this does what I want. Thank you!

when to split vertically $mod+v and open an application… horizontal is $mod+h or ùmod+mouse to drag =-)

Check out the auto tiling option @Shjim posted, it will do exactly as you’re looking for.

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