Apparently EndeavourOS is getting more and more mainstream in the Linux world. This month 2 different Linux magazines have some coverage of EndeavourOS (at least 2).

Linux Format: Some coverage and a rating for EndeavourOS (Galileo) - with no easily spotted inaccuracies! At least THIS time, got a rating of 9/10!

Linux Magazine: This mag includes a double-DVD with distros on each side. We got Galileo on there, and flip-sided with the latest Arch. Can they be saying we are the best Arch-based that isn’t Arch itself? (speculation)



I knew about Linux Magazine writing about us but Linux Format is a new one for me…Wow :blush:


It is the second time, but a more realistic rating this time around! Last time they ignored most of the good things, and only gave us an 8/10.

Ahhh - the joys of Magzter - you can find most of these things out quickly!

(I’ve been on Linux Format almost since Amiiga Format went away…)

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it’s always in the top5 on distrowatch, been there for more than a year

There are still printed magazines?!?!? And some of them still come with physically DVDs?!?!?! I already knew EOS was good, this is the real news to me!


You gotta admire old-school culture! :penguin:

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The only mags that I still receive are hunting/wildlife related. It’s interesting that tech magazines are still available in a physical format. I’d have thought they’d be the first content to go, and remain, digital. The fact that they offer physical media like DVDs along with the magazines must be purely for nostalgia.

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Yep! Linux Format is sitting on my shelf, - and even though it’s been a very long time I’ve had a built-in dvd player, it’s still nice to have them, more so because editions of Linux mags would come packed with software in the days when repos weren’t what they are now. They’re also great to flick through!

This is great news.

A heartfelt shout-out to @Bryanpwo and the dedicated team for bringing this project to life and generously sharing it with us for our enjoyment.

I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say we sincerely appreciate all the very noticeable hard work and are rooting for the long term success of EOS :vulcan_salute:t4: :100: :enos: :enos_flag:


Just a note about the magazine formats… Linux Format, AFAIK, no longer comes with a DVD - and I source it from Magzter (a digital magazine subscription app). Linux Magazine is more ‘hardcore’ - and I never sourced it (OTHER than digitally, but it has a DVD apparently.

was going to post screenshot, but it won't transfer now (sigh)

PS - here’s an earlier one

Beavis and Butthead in “Bunghole in One.”

simply outstanding :+1:


I HATE being mainstream, time to distrohop!

Lol as if, j/k obviously. Well deserved, I bow my head!

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A common problem when you use the best… other people find out! Just like finding a perfect vacation spot - until too many find it!

Oh well - it won’t drive me away THAT easily… :enos: :enos_flag: