Macbook Pro Early 2011 (8,3) runs USB fine, freezes on full startup

Hi, all!
I want to move away from macOS on my MacbookPro8,3, as the most recent version it supports is heavily outdated and doesn’t support a lot of the software I tend to use, and is generally difficult to work with. So, as I primarily prefer using Arch and Arch-based distros, I turned to Endeavor to install onto it to replace it.

The installation worked fine, got into the ISO just fine and it seemed to install everything perfectly, however, when attempting to boot into the main operating system, I’m met with a black screen and nothing happens, even when attempting to use Alt+F3.

Is there any fix for this issue?

Have you looked over the Arch wiki? Are you using any of the kernel parameters?,1/8,2/8,3_(2011)