Lxappearance, i3-gaps, tray on i3bar

Forgive the flotsam and jetsam post, but I wanted to keep the posting to a minimum. I have several small i3 questions:

  1. lxappearance says it needs lxsessions to be able to make changes to colors like selections. Is that a good thing to install? Or is there another way to change the selection color? (Cuz I detest light blue!)

  2. Is the Endeavour i3 “i3-gaps”? I assume YES since I can adjust the size of the … wait for it… gaps???

  3. I have made 2 i3-bars, one for the top, one for the bottom of my screen. The “tray” is visible on the top when I have it configured for the bottom, and the bottom when configured for the top. Any idea why? Here is portion of my config file:

bar {
		font pango:Noto Sans Regular 21, FontAwesome 21
		status_command i3blocks -c ~/.config/i3/i3blocks.conf
		position bottom
		i3bar_command i3bar --transparency
		tray_output primary
		tray_padding 5

		#strip_workspace_name no
		strip_workspace_numbers no

		colors {
		separator          $meddarkgrey
		background         $charcoal2
		statusline         $white

####                   		border 		    bg		        txt		    indicator
		focused_workspace	$lightgrey	   	$red800	        $eeewhite	$green3f0
		active_workspace	$grey8b	        $charcoal	    $lightgrey	$magenta
		inactive_workspace	$grey   		$dksteel    	$lightgrey	$purple
		urgent_workspace	$urgentred	    $urgentred	    $white		$purple

bar {
		font pango:Noto Sans Regular 12, FontAwesome 13
		status_command i3blocks -c ~/.config/i3/i3blocks2.conf
	    position top
	    i3bar_command i3bar --transparency
      workspace_buttons no

#        tray_output primary
#        tray_padding 5

#strip_workspace_name no
#strip_workspace_numbers no

		    colors {
		    separator          $meddarkgrey
		    background         $charcoal
		    statusline         $white

With the above config, I get the tray on the top bar, not bottom bar. And I DO have the monitor set to primary.

Thanks!.. Tom

it is a part from lxde and color settings are only working if you are running lxde so no need to install that.

it is set to show on display “primary” and both your bars are on the same display :wink:
tray_output none will be what you need for the bar where you do not want it to show up.

Gotcha! i3 bar working well.

How can I change the colors that lxappearance would change on lxde? Like text selection?


could be possible to do so in gtk.css file ?
you can create color variants of gtk themes with GUI tool like oomox or install a theme with variants like:

be aware that this will be a long build in time :wink:

So basically: how badly do you dislike light blue? :upside_down_face:

Thanks for all your help. I think I need to understand this theme thingy better and how it relates to i3. Or more likely how it relates to windows opened in i3.

I assume there are other GTK themes I could install, so I’ll go looking for those, too.

Again, thanks!!

the lxapperance tool is only installed to make it easier to change themes. Itb does nothing more than creating config files… in the gtk configs

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