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Not sure if this goes here or in installation, but I installed Endeavour with LUKS disk encryption and I have to login 3x every time I boot - 2x LUKS (not sure why 2x - 2 partitions?), then the window manager (KDE). Is it possible to consolidate this down to a single login?

You probably set up a swap partition, that will require two logins for LUKS. You can select a swap file during the installation and reduce that to only one LUKS login.

During the installation, you can also check the “log in automatically” option when you set the root user/password and you’ll be down to only one login and be good to go.

There’s probably a way to make these changes without a reinstall, but I don’t know of it.

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Yes you can but you really shouldn’t.

Doing so allows anyone with physical access to your computer access all your information.

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Completely agree, but I think he means a single login for the the LUKS password at boot time to avoid having to log in a second time to the window manager.

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