Lots of firefox crashes

Any one else having a lot of firefox crashes recently? It started happening last night, a handful of times. I just updated to v115 an hour ago and it’s already happened once since. I ran journalctl -u firefox and got no results. What other diagnostic steps can I take?

What kernel version are you on? there is a new one
Kernel 6.4.1.arch2-1

I have not been experiencing any Firefox crashes, either with the new v115 or with other recent versions.

This post might be useful:


Also, as @thefrog suggests above, your kernel might be to blame.

Details here:

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Thanks, I swear I searched before asking but I missed that post somehow. I’m currently running 6.4.1-zen2-1-zen, so I’ll try switching to the mainline kernel if I have keep having issues.

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