Lost power during update

I will keep this short and precise.

  • I lost power during a yay -Syu
  • When I booted it said my kernel was missing
  • I opened a live-iso
  • I mounted root and boot
  • I tried to complete update
  • db.lck was present
  • I removed the lock
  • I ran yay -Syu again
  • This didn’t solve my problem, so I tried reinstalling my kernels (lts and zen). I even ran pacman -S linux
  • I have verified that /boot has all the files i expect, and after running the pacman -S linux command, the linux related files appeared here.
  • Still no dice

I would suggest that attaching a log that came from a boot attempt would be helpful.
Unfortunately without more information, you’re essentially providing ‘It doesn’t work’.


How do I provide them?


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journalctl -k -b -0 yields “-- No entries --”, and -1 gives the flawless boot from last week.

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Did you use arch-chroot to accomplish the above?