Looking to switch to endeavouros

I’m thinking about switching from windows 10 to endeavouros, but first I have some questions. Can I run steam on it? Can I run other windows programs on it? Can I run Microsoft store games on it? What about drivers and GeForce experience?

Hello @SlavicBoi_Avery, you need to know this note from ARCH LINUX who told :

Steam for Linux only supports Ubuntu LTS.[1] Thus, do not turn to Valve for support for issues with Steam on Arch Linux.

Like you see it’s possible to make it work on an Arch based distro go to see here :

With these questions, you don’t want to change.

Linux is not another Windows. They are completely different operating systems.

If you want to run programs written for Windows on Linux via Wine, as far as this is possible at all, this is only a nasty crutch. And only until one has found a counterpart on Linux.

MS Store…GeForce Experience…pff…

Btw., there are commercial Linux-native games, but the big exception and come later.

I’m not a player, but I had installed UT2k4 natively on Linux at that time (correct configuration provided it worked fine), played a deathmatch online every few months (against people who apparently do nothing else and have lost nevertheless :sunglasses: ) - great test for the proprietary driver nvidia.

For quite some time I have been using the open source driver nouveau to avoid these annoying permanent incompatibilities with current Linux kernels. Of course I also have the GPU for it.

Welcome SlavicBoi_Avery! I see you have some questions. I’ll try to answer them as best as I can:

  1. Can I run steam on it? You can, however it will not be as smooth as on Windows. Steam does have a few glitches on a Linux platform; and there is a bit of research to do on our wiki and the Arch Linux wiki, to see how to get Steam to run. It’s always best to do the research before committing full time to Linux.

  2. Can I run other windows programs on it? Not so much Windows programs, but Windows inspired programs. For instance: Microsoft Office on Windows closest program is LibreOffice. It does all the same things as Office, and a few more things such as saving documents in PDF format.

  3. Can I run Microsoft store games on it? I’m not really sure on that. However: where Microsoft does have a controlling interest in SUSE Linux and openSUSE, I suspect that you can. Probably your best bet is to Google it and see.

  4. What about drivers and GeForce experience? You can get drivers for a GeForce card - just go to the NVIDIA website and see if your card is supported under a Linux platform. If it isn’t: either your video card is supported by the Nouveau driver in which case you don’t need the NVIDIA driver: or the card is so new that a driver hasn’t been created for it - yet. As the updates for the kernel come online, the driver probably will be included in future kernel releases. The website I use for keeping up to date on the kernel and Linux: Phoronix. When you want to leave one OS, and come to Linux, it’s always best to do the research first. That way you’ll have a better idea if your machine can support it. Plus asking questions on a forum such as this one always helps as well.

Hopefully that answers the questions you have. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. How else does one learn in life?

These questions are almost the same from Windows users who are looking to try Linux.
As @ve9cbc already responded, you are pretty much covered.
I always offer a second approach: on the new fresh Linux machine install also Virtual Box and create a Windows machine inside, so when the new Linux user needs something familiar and with software that runs natively on Windows, it’s only a click away.
I stopped evangelize Linux, because people are so hard to get out of the comfort zone of Windows way of doing computing.
I offer help, I always try to solve problems, but if one wants to Windowize Linux, I just offer either to dual boot, have a virtualized Windows machine or simply stay with Windows and virtualize Linux.
You wouldn’t order Chinese food from a Italian restaurant, wouldn’t you? So why people try so desperately to make Linux into Windows?
And no, I am to trying to scare away new Linux users, but in time I’ve learned that I have more to gain and less to lose being openly frank and to the point. Some will appreciate that I am not trying to waste their time. Linux is something you want, you want to learn because you are driven this way.
Sorry guys, but some people love cats, some love dogs. Yeah, both love pets, but when it comes to the choice, it’s really hard to force or push something. It’s about freedom, about choice.


Maybe the real problem it’s too have too much choice ! @FredBezies wrote an interesting article on his website but here also where he spoke about dictatorship

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Yeah, also this. Too much choice.