Looking for musicplayer other than vlc that can handle upnp streaming

As the title says.
Looking for musicplayer other than vlc that can handle upnp streaming.
Cantata and Strawberry doesnt connect to smb folder on my router.

any suggestions?

Why not just mount the smb folder with a systemd-automount? Then you could use any music player.


Really? Is it that easy? How do i do that.

I put something like this in /etc/fstab

//server_ip_address/folder_name /mnt/folder_name cifs x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.idle-timeout=1min,rw,uid=username,gid=username,credentials=/etc/samba/private/credfile.cred,iocharset=utf8,vers=2.0 0 0

Replace server_ip, folder_name and username with your actual values.

Then create /etc/samba/private/credfile.cred with eh following contents:


myuser and mypass are the credentials you use to connect to the router.

Make sure that file is only readable by root.

If your share is public and you don’t need to login to read it, then you can not worry about the file and remove credentials=/etc/samba/private/credfile.cred from the options.


thanks i’ll take a look. do i need to install full samba package or is cifs-utils enough?
it is not sufficient to create ~/.smbcredentials just with cifs-utils installed?

The mounts in /etc/fstab are mounted by root so the creds in your home directory are not the right place.

Also, that would quite insecure.

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ok thanks, that explains everything

so i need to install full samba package? cifs-utils are already installed

Kodi would be my choice for such a scenario. :wink:

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kodi is quite nice, but too extensive :wink:

cifs-utils should be enough.

seem enough.
I did it as you pointed out but when mounting the drive under dolphin it gives me the following error message: bad option uid=username.
i am sure i have chosen the correct username and password

This should be your username in Linux. The creds file gets your username for the share.

this is how my fstab looks

//router_ip/FRITZBox/3xt1/ /mnt/FRITZBox/3xt1/ cifs x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.idle-timeout=1min,rw,uid=username,gid=username,credentials=/etc/samba/private/credfile.cred,iocharset=utf8,vers=2.0 0 0

3xt1 is my external drive on my router

You need to replace username with your actual Linux username.

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i see. i must have been a little confused. everything works like a charm

Thanks a lot for your support @dalto !



This is the way!


The only other music player that supports upnp besides VLC is Rhythmbox.

You have to install a plugin to enable this support, and open a port in firewalld/

The plugin is Grilo. Once installed Grilo must be enabled in the Rhythmbox configuration. Go to TOOLSPlugins and check Grilo.

Go to this post for how to change firewalld



thanks @Pudge , but i don’t really like the interface and the whole layout. rhythmbox and grilo is a term i understand.

i know the pinned thread. that’s how i set my firewalld a while ago.

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that’s how i set it up. i was just a little confused about fstab. luckily everything is working now


You seem so pleased that I might have to look into this when I get some spare time.


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