Looking for info./guides on system management task

Hello all,

I know a little bit about Linux but I’ve got a lot of learning to do. I don’t understand the process of listing, adding and removing, kernels and Nvidia drivers through the command line and I haven’t found GUI tools for these tasks. I also don’t know how to update the boot loaders (Grub and systemd-boot) when adding/removing kernels. Lastly, just in case I screw up something when working with the boot loaders, are there rescue tools to get boot loaders restored to proper function?

Thank you for kindly taking my questions.

Hello and welcome to the :enos: forums.

All the answers you seek can be found in our WiKi. And if you search in our forums for “grub reinstall”, or “boot issue”, … etc you will find lots of answers and guides.

You can use nvidia-inst (WiKi page) command line tool. To install drivers for Invidia which makes it easier.

Use our kernel tool `akm’ (WiKi page) built by our very own YAB and programming god @manual.

And if you screw up the bootloader (this is just unlikely unless you really mess up). Look at these wiki pages.

Also, read up on pacman from arch wiki page. Which is the default kick-ass command line package manager for Arch/Arch-based distros. And you can use AUR helpers which act as wrappers for pacman. Makes it easy for installing AUR packages.

If you get stuck on doing something beyond these then ask here. The community will help you out as long as you provide the needed details.

Thank you.