Looking at the Xfce installer... gnome package manager?

Question: I see in the webinstaller for Xfce gnome-packagekit is in by default?

Because pamac-aur / pamac-aur-git are only in AUR? :smiley:

you can always disable them :rocket: :slight_smile:

It is a part of Gparted which we ship by default.

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OH ok. I had no idea. Now, the next question is why? As in why is that a dependency of gparted? (Not asking you, specifically).

Gparted is a Gnome app and therefore needs some dependancies form Gnome. Its dependancy is quite modest in comparison with other Gnome apps that brings in more than half the Gnome DE with it. :wink:


true true.

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gnome-packagekit not related to gparted or dependencies… i do add this as gnome-software only shows “official” applications and will not show all software available (included EndeavourOS repo stuff) it depending only on:
Depends: desktop-file-utils gtk3 libnotify packagekit
it is called gnome-packages only but is not related to use only at GNOME it is the GTK3 app for packagekit.

Only have a package manager app on GNOME was looking incomplete, i add packagekit to all DE’s.