Looking at 1440p monitors wondering about scaling

I have always used 3x 1080p monitors but recently I went down to just 1. I am looking to upgrade this to a 27" 1440p monitor and am wondering how well Linux handles that. With my 4k laptop screen 2x scaling worked fine but I think with 1440p that will be too much.

In the arch wiki i see fractional scaling can be enabled but it is an experimental feature.

For those of you with 1440p monitors how is the experience for you?

I am using Gnome on wayland with AMD.


I have 32" 1440p monitors and don’t need any scaling.

At 27", I probably would. They key with a small amount of scaling like that is not to use display scaling but instead use font scaling or adjust font sizes. It is an unintuitive solution but almost all UI elements scale with the font sizes.

Font scaling is also better supported by most applications than display scaling.

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It is my understanding that newer Gnome has fractional scaling - notwithstanding the Arch wiki entry. Because of hi dpi screens, this feature has been in demand for a while. I don’t know what version of Gnome is available on here, but I was last on Gnome on Ubuntu, and 3.36 comes to mind - and if that was the version, it had it available. I would expect that 1.25 would be plenty to apply to a 1440 high screen.

I’m on XFCE now (4K), and I can’t get to my Gnome install at the moment (machine down for high temps!) so I can’t guide any better than that…

Apparently it is still called ‘experimental’ - and only works in Wayland sessions. This means it is not perfect with XWayland-requiring apps (blurry?) but you’d have to try it to see. Your monitor may also allow a different resolution that suits you better - ideally one that works out to about 1,25, I would think.

Good luck!

KDE Plasma has pretty decent (but not without bugs) support for fractional DPI scaling with xorg. However, I find @dalto’s suggestion to be the simplest. Just increase all font sizes for GUI elements by 20% to 40% (i.e. 10pt → 12pt, 13pt, or 14pt, etc). It usually works better than fractional DPI scaling.


I would certainly agree on that front - I did mix and match a bit with XFCE on my 4K, but font scaling and dpi values were the key…

I see, so with 27" and 1440 upping the font size will probably be enough.

Thank you everyone for your input.

Now I just need the monitor to get back in-stock. :slight_smile:

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At 27 inches - I have a so-called 28", and it’s a 4k monitor. The setup I use (XFCE) goes like this: (it will become a wiki entry soon, now that the servers have moved - but here it is nearly ready to be a wiki)

It includes tricks like changing the font dpi, and scaling the UI separately from the fonts - which may not be needed - but might give you some ideas…

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What does the “Sub-pixel-order” do? I always set this to RGB vertical. Is that wrong? IPS monitor.

It is largely manufacturer dependent. It refers to the physical placement of the colour pixels behind the mask. Other possibilities found can be BRG or RGBY (yellow or perhaps Quantum?) and so on. It can affect how the fonts are rendered for clarity (tech such as M$ ClearType) - as the pixels are combined to to anti-alias and render curves (to human eyes) more fully. To say more would stretch my understanding beyond the breaking point - but perhaps you can find the correct order for your monitor brand with a net search… perhaps - assuming you can even find out who made the panel your monitor uses!


OK, thx

I got the AORUS-AD27QD and have no need for scaling.

At work I got a 24 inch monitor that is also 1440p, and I still don’t need scaling there, but on 24 inch everything is a bit smaller. But at 27 inches everything is perfect at 1440p.