(LOL) Wow! What a Rush!

After using EOS for a while, I’m very happy to say that this is the best OS and distro I’ve ever run across! I’ve tinkered with a lot of them, and I’ve never been so satisfied with the performance, stability and ability of use.

Home Run, Devs! You’ve knocked it out of the park!

You know you’ve found your distro home when the biggest problem you have is finding the right theme on Xfce-Look for your work-flow preferences.

One big happy camper, here! Keep up the great work, and many thanks!!!


@Adam Can’t agree with you more. I have 3 computers set up on EndeavourOS. One is an Antergos conversion to Arch and then to Endeavour. The other one is an Arch conversion to Endeavour and the last one is an Endeavour install runninng Xfce now. I have had the same dilemma trying to find the best icons and theming along with a background that i like.